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#962: Mean grandparents and the middle ground.

Dear Cap,

I have an issue with one set of my grandparents – my mom’s dad and stepmom.

Backstory: my mom is a single mom. My dad never paid child support. My sister’s dad pays child support, but for a year or so there he didn’t, and he pays a lot less now than he used to. She’s not careless with money, but we’ve lived paycheck to paycheck my whole life.

A few years ago we were living with her boyfriend and his kids. He’s kind of an idiot, and my mom was very unhappy and wanted to leave him. Financially, this was almost impossible. So she asked these grandparents if they would loan her some money – loan – to help her out, and make it easier to leave this guy. As it was, when she finally decided to leave him, the only place for us to go that…

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Where Is My Rabbit?

Whoa, it’s been a whole year since I posted anything. Quick update, I graduated from University and am looking for a job/internship, but IT’S HARD. Meanwhile, I’ve spent a few months spamming Hellfire Citadel with a couple of guilds (mostly having fun with the people despite the repetitive content), made my own RPG, and have lately gotten into weight loss and fitness. (That means the next few posts are all going to involve my new HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. o/)

Here’s a situation I wish I’d considered more in all those months of epic DPSing. 😛 I don’t regret it, but I’m doing something to change that.

Priorities I was “not prepared” for the scale.

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Bolognese Zoodles & Rambles

Vera In, Kyri Out

What a lazy Sunday. Did absolutely nothing other than lie in bed, browse reddit, and eat / prepare food. Ever since I’ve started eating cleaner,  I’m constantly baffled by how few calories there are in so much ‘good’ food.

Like the awesome dinner I just had of bolognese zoodles, salad, pumpkin soup, and acai juice 😀 I’m stuffed, and I still have another 360 cal to go before reaching today’s budget.

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The wonders of CICO

Vera In, Kyri Out

Most people have some sort of ‘revelation moment’ when they realize that they need to lose weight. I saw a pretty interesting thread about it on Reddit a while back, but I never really had a defining moment. I’ve just always wanted to be lean, but never bothered to put in the effort.

The past few months I’ve been semi-looking for a job, and eventually I figured – if I’m going to bum around at home for months, I might as well make it a productive bumming. So I thought I’d do two things – lose weight, and get lean. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, my parents eat out every day now thanks to this new gym they joined, so I get to cook my own breakfast and lunch. (Previous ‘diet’ plans never really went well since I still had to eat whatever was prepared by my mom.)

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#803: My daughter is dating someone incompatible, please help!

Dear Captain Awkward,

First off, I want to let it be known that we are a family of Christians; I believe there is only one true God and that to be saved it must be through Jesus Christ. I have raised both my children “Paul” – 19 years old – and “Mary” – 24 years old – to be strong in faith and put their trust in God.

However, I fear for my daughter’s life. She recently confessed to me (this past summer) that she is seeing someone, let’s call him “Jim.” Jim is not who I want for my daughter and I worry that their incompatibilities and differences will lead to her being hurt.

One, his family is Catholic. We are a Baptist Christian family. I don’t believe in the teachings of Catholicism. Even worse, Jim is an atheist and does not believe in God and I feel that…

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