The wonders of CICO

Vera In, Kyri Out

Most people have some sort of ‘revelation moment’ when they realize that they need to lose weight. I saw a pretty interesting thread about it on Reddit a while back, but I never really had a defining moment. I’ve just always wanted to be lean, but never bothered to put in the effort.

The past few months I’ve been semi-looking for a job, and eventually I figured – if I’m going to bum around at home for months, I might as well make it a productive bumming. So I thought I’d do two things – lose weight, and get lean. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, my parents eat out every day now thanks to this new gym they joined, so I get to cook my own breakfast and lunch. (Previous ‘diet’ plans never really went well since I still had to eat whatever was prepared by my mom.)

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