#348: Friendship is going cold. How do I fix it?


Dear Captain Awkward,

So this guy B and I have had a very close, very long-distance friendship for a few years now after meeting online. It’s never been 100% platonic – it started with his crush on me, which then became mutual, but the distance and my then-marriage meant that nothing came of it (though we’ve visited a few times). He’s since made it clear that he only wants to be friends and I’m fine with that, though I still have feelings; he supported me through my (mostly unrelated) marriage breakup, I supported him through various personal crises, plus hanging out (virtually) and drinking and watching movies and linking each other music and laughing and talking about history and politics and sharing hilarious sexytimes anecdotes and it looked like everything was awesome.

Then, earlier this year, he moved back to a town where he had a wider circle of friends…

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