Where Is My Rabbit?

Whoa, it’s been a whole year since I posted anything. Quick update, I graduated from University and am looking for a job/internship, but IT’S HARD. Meanwhile, I’ve spent a few months spamming Hellfire Citadel with a couple of guilds (mostly having fun with the people despite the repetitive content), made my own RPG, and have lately gotten into weight loss and fitness. (That means the next few posts are all going to involve my new HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. o/)

Here’s a situation I wish I’d considered more in all those months of epic DPSing. 😛 I don’t regret it, but I’m doing something to change that.

Priorities I was “not prepared” for the scale.

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Bolognese Zoodles & Rambles

Vera In, Kyri Out

What a lazy Sunday. Did absolutely nothing other than lie in bed, browse reddit, and eat / prepare food. Ever since I’ve started eating cleaner,  I’m constantly baffled by how few calories there are in so much ‘good’ food.

Like the awesome dinner I just had of bolognese zoodles, salad, pumpkin soup, and acai juice 😀 I’m stuffed, and I still have another 360 cal to go before reaching today’s budget.

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